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Getting Hired
Why I am not Getting Hired

An inevitable aspect of the job search is not getting the job you hoped for. It’s not always clear why you weren’t able to secure a position you felt fit your experience and skills perfectly. Knowing the reasons why you weren’t hired will help you better prepare for the remainder…

Thinking about Freelancing
Thinking about Freelancing. Read This.

Before your start freelancing, we would recommend you to think on below mentioned points. Our intention is not to demoralize you but you need to understand practical aspect of freelancing. Income isn’t Guaranteed You enjoy more freedom and flexibility than your traditionally employed counterparts, but you’re also more vulnerable to…

Where to Find Freelance Jobs
Where to Find Freelance Jobs

If you’ve been looking for freelance websites in India where you can get enough work to sustain your lifestyle, you have come to the right place. We made this extensive list of freelancing sites in India which will help you find good projects to match your skills and give you…

6 Careers to Start from Home
6 Careers to Start from Home

With the incredible boom of social media and the internet over the past few years, there has been quite a buzz surrounding online business careers. The nine-to-five job sitting in a cubicle is becoming an endangered practice, due to the incredible amount of online resources at our fingertips. From social…

Finding Your Passion
Finding Your Passion

One common piece of advice you might hear when looking for jobs is to “follow your passion.” Following the work, ideas, and projects that make you feel fulfilled and motivated can help lead you to jobs you will enjoy and succeed in. While the idea is simple, it can be…

Person Specification
What is Person Specification?

A person specification describes the personal attributes desired in a potential employee. It is similar to a job description but more specific. These attributes include qualifications, skills, experience, and knowledge, and sometimes personal attributes that a candidate needs to possess in order to perform the job duties. The specification should…

Components of Salary Structure

The word ‘salary’ originates from the Latin word ‘salarium’. It was the quota of salt given to Roman soldiers in addition to their pay. When the officers found it cumbersome to transport and preserve the huge bulk of salt, they began offering a sum of money instead of the commodity.…

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Finding a Job

Finding a job is a tough task. A successful job search is all about proper planning. We shared articles on ‘Finding a Job’ in specific order beginning with advice on identifying target companies and ending with tips on staying motivated. Each and every step will take you one step closer to your dream job.

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