You might have received an experience of recruiters not responding to you after your interview? Have you sent them polite emails and a couple of phone calls, but they’re still not getting back to you? This can be very frustrating and annoying. And if it happens a lot to you, with multiple companies, it can become very discouraging.

Reasons for Non-Response

  • Interviews can continue beyond the week when you were interviewed, either for scheduling reasons or because new resumes are still coming in. Again, doesn’t mean you aren’t a top candidate. They may just be looking for that often “perfect” fit.
  • In order to set up the next round of interviews, everyone in the hiring process needs to be consulted, and next interview slots scheduled. This can be tricky if more than one person is involved.
  • Sometimes recruiters have inboxes with hundreds of messages, old and new. And in the middle of a job search, this can go up by another 50 or 100 because of internal emails from the hiring team and human resources, as well as every other job seeker who thinks she or he deserves a personal answer to all their questions.
  • Sometimes recruiters get busy hiring for new positions and doesn’t provide feedback for already filled positions. It’s not professional but some recruiters avoid giving feedback to all job applicants after the positions is filled.

Send Firm Email

Sending a firm email to an unresponsive recruiter may not get you the job, but it might make you feel better. Be cautious about sending a firm email. Remember, send it only when you’re ready to move on from the job. Also, it’s best not to be too firm when you’ve only been to only one interview with them. Instead, you can them a small and polite note.

 “I would like to thank you for the opportunity to interview for the role of (job title). I was surprised, after my 3 rounds of interviews, to not hear anything regardless of my attempts to stay engaged. Due to the lack of response, it’s a fair assumption that you have decided to move in another direction.  While I am disappointed, I certainly respect if someone more qualified entered the picture. That said, it’s common courtesy to let a candidate know where he stands in the process. 

You Can’t Do Anything

Please don’t go assuming that unresponsive recruiters are unprofessional. Sometimes recruiters have no control over this. Sometimes being unresponsive can be a part of the recruiter’s job. Some companies have a “no feedback” policy. By not doing anything, you won’t be burning any bridges. It’s a good way to keep your options open with this company, especially if it’s a big company. Things happen, emails fall through the cracks, priorities shift, people get hired, and fired. Recruiters have very busy emails and challenging schedules and deadlines. They likely aren’t doing this on purpose.

Don’t Get Affected

You are not the only one to whom recruiters are not responding. Not receiving a response or feedback doesn’t mean that you are not a good candidate. Don’t start becoming impatient and keep asking questions to future recruiters. It’s best to always present your best self. It’s best to simply learn from this experience to be prepared for when a recruiter ghosts you again.

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