What is Aptitude Test?

Aptitude is your natural ability to learn or excel in a certain area. It is often the case that a person has a group of aptitudes that fit together and helps them succeed at specific tasks. For example, you could have an aptitude for math and logic. Those two aptitudes likely help you excel in probability and statistics. Aptitude tests are tests that question the candidate’s ability in a particular skill set or field of knowledge.

The aptitude test questions are related to numerical reasoning, English language, abstract reasoning, speed, accuracy, and other such abilities. They are based on the multiple-choice questions pattern and are administered under exam conditions. The primary purpose of these aptitude tests is to evaluate whether the student would be able to apply the basics of education to real-life problem-solving situations.

Why Companies Prefer Aptitude Test?

Hundreds of resumes are sent to corporate HRs each day for various jobs. How do you these head-hunters decide who is better for a job role? Other than the academic score, experience and talent, aptitude test score acts as an important criterion in judging a student’s candidature. The aptitude tests allow companies to make an informed choice when it comes to hiring. They can assess an applicant’s ability to problem solve, reason, write coherently and get along with others. The aptitude test questions are designed in a manner to test a candidate’s ability to solve problems, reason and write coherently in a pressure-filled situation. In the end the aptitude test results along with personal interview help employers in choosing the right candidate for the right job role.

If a job requires some specific skill or some particular trait in the person, it is evaluated by aptitude tests. For example, if you have applied for a data entry job, they will test your data checking skills or if you have applied for a job in the technical field, they will test your mechanical reasoning or fault diagnosing ability. Mostly, the aptitude test is used in conjugation with a personal interview or a group discussion or both for job placement. It is difficult to cheat in an aptitude test, therefore, they are considered reliable by most of the interviewers. These tests give the interviewer an idea of the natural abilities, strength, and weaknesses of the interviewee.

Highlight Your Aptitude


You can add your aptitudes to the skills section of your resume. You may have to tailor your skills section for the job you are applying for. If you can, list relevant skills from the job description.  Keep your list of aptitudes concise to make it easy to scan. Hiring managers should be able to look at your skills section and quickly determine whether you possess the aptitudes they need.

Cover Letter

Your cover letter is another opportunity for you to highlight your aptitudes to a potential employer. After you have introduced yourself and your enthusiasm for a particular position, write about your background.  The second paragraph is where you can write about the aptitudes that make you a strong candidate for the job. You can focus on a couple of skills and expand on them by showing how you have succeeded in each.

Job Interviews

Many questions that an interviewer asks will allow you to highlight one of your aptitudes and how you have used it in the past. For example, if an interviewer asks, “What are your greatest strengths?” you can pick one of your aptitudes and explain how it benefits your work style.

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