If you’ve been looking for freelance websites in India where you can get enough work to sustain your lifestyle, you have come to the right place. We made this extensive list of freelancing sites in India which will help you find good projects to match your skills and give you some sort of a guarantee to ensure that you get paid for your efforts. It’s a good starting point to launch your freelancing career in India and live the life you dreamed of.

One thing that most online freelance sites have in common is the need to build up a portfolio over time and to develop relationships with clients in order to get the best and highest-paying jobs. Don’t expect this to happen overnight. Be willing early on to take some less appealing jobs for lower pay in order to show the quality of the work you can do. In time, this will help you to get better jobs for more money. Ideally, along the way, you’ll make connections with some clients who will wish to go back to you for future jobs because they know they can count on you to be reliable and to do quality work.


Freelancers on Upwork create profiles outlining their skills and experiences, along with their job histories and portfolios. Clients post job listings detailing their projects and what they’re looking for in a freelancer. From there, freelancers submit proposals for projects they’re interested in doing. Clients can review freelancers’ proposals, profiles, and portfolios, choose the one that best fits their needs, and place project funding in escrow. Freelancers and clients then collaborate through an online work station, typically with no off-platform communication.


Similar to Upwork, you can make a freelancer profile and start bidding on jobs posted by clients. Freelancer.com boasts more than 29 million users as of 2019. However, it can be difficult to find high-paying work there. It’s a good choice for those who prefer to work remotely and get their feet wet in freelance marketplaces.


Toptal, short for top talent, is a marketplace geared toward elite, experienced freelancers, with most freelancers being paid between $50 and $250 per hour. The vetting process is more involved, requiring experience checks and an interview. Jobs posted on Toptal typically are geared toward finance and software development.


Currently, Truelancer is #1 amongst the top 10 freelance websites of India. They have a lot of skilled freelancers who have joined their portal from all across the web working in popular categories like Computer programmers, Web Designers, Logo Designers, Copywriter, Data experts, Marketing Experts and many Others. Their processes are neatly defined that as a freelancer you will get your payments on time and the clients will get their job done to their satisfaction. They have this process where they list out the gig and deliverables clearly so that it is documented for both the involved parties before they even starts their work.


Touchtalent is a freelance work website that is made for the creatives who are looking for online work from the comfort of their home. They usually get clients for over 100 countries. What you can do is create an account over there and share your creative material with other people. You will see the freelancers over there who have shared stuff like creative bobbles, WhatsApp backgrounds, paintings, animation, movies, videos, etc.

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