If you’re looking for a job, you’re scanning major job boards every day. But some of the openings that fit you best may not be listed on those sites. Many companies like Accenture, advertise job openings only on their website. By intelligently using Google Alerts, you can get the latest relevant information sent directly to your inbox, right when it comes out. Millions of pages of information are added to the web every day. Google Alerts can help you stay up to date on what is the most popular and visible, and topics that are important to you. Google Alerts will send you e-mail when new entries are added to the top search results for the specific search term you ask Google to monitor.

How do I create Google Alerts?

  • Visit https://www.google.com/alerts
  • Type a search term into the search box.
  • Before clicking “Create Alert,” click “Show Options.”
  • Specify your email address.
  • Click “Create Alert,” and you’re all set!

Sample Search Terms

  • [company name] + hiring
  • [company name] + “press release” + jobs
  • [specific location] + [occupation] + [your city] jobs
  • [specific industry] + [your city] + “company expanding”
  • Jobs in [specific industry] + [your city]
  • Hot jobs in [specific industry]
  • Other terms could include “recruitment,” “job openings,” “new positions,” and your city if you’re not able to relocate, etc.

Follow Your Dream Company

You can use Google Alerts to stay updated on what’s happening at companies where you’d like to work. Set up an “Everything” Google Alert for that employer(s) by name, and Google will let you know about new items in the top search results for that company. If the employer’s name is more than one word, put quotation marks around the company name, like “General Motors” or “Wipro” telling Google that you are looking for a phrase, the same words in that specific order, not simply a string of unconnected words that may be found scattered across a web page.

Search on the word “jobs” to find web pages which include the company names and the word “jobs” on them i.e., jobs (“company A” OR “company B”). To make Google look for more than one employer, include two (or more) employer names, with the word “OR” (which MUST be in all capital letters or Google will ignore it) between the alternative terms. Including the word “OR” (in all capitals) between employer names will tell Google that you want to find web pages with any of the named employers and the word “jobs” on the pages. If you don’t capitalize “OR,” Google will think it’s just a word you want it to find.

Google Alerts Job Interview

If you’re in the interview phase, you need to show you’ve done your homework on your prospective employer. The knowledge gleaned from Google Alerts about a prospective employer’s challenges, competitors and strategic plans can help you stand out as a job applicant. In addition to impressing your interviewer, you want to prepare questions to understand if the job is really the right fit/situation. In this stage of the game, Google Alerts that collect news about a particular company are essential. Stay up-to-date with a daily alert so you can walk into your job interview feeling confident and prepared.

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