Increasing LinkedIn connections will help you to establish as an expert in your field and extends your reach and exposure.LinkedIn is all about making connections, from individuals you know personally to individuals you wish you knew.

Personalize Connection Requests

Review LinkedIn’s suggested connections at least a few times a week, it’s a basic way of increasing LinkedIn connections. Make it a goal to find people in your industry or niche and personally connect with them. Try to connect with two or three people each time. When scrolling through LinkedIn’s list of “people you may know,” don’t simply click the “connect” button. If you do, a generic request will be sent. Instead, go to the person’s profile page and click the “connect” button there. Doing so will bring up the box shown below and allow you to add a personal note with your connection request.

Post Daily

It’s important to be active on LinkedIn, think of your LinkedIn updates the same way as any social media post. Make sure they add value, talk about your business, and include a call to action. When you consistently stay in the feeds of your connections, there’s more opportunity for them to comment, like, and share your posts. When people are sharing and commenting on your stuff, it’s social proof that you’re an expert in your field.

Set Monthly Connections Goal

Increasing LinkedIn connections from 100 to 500+ seems difficult at beginning. However, if you divide that number over many weeks or months, it doesn’t seem so. Instead of setting a goal of going from 100 connections to 500+, try setting your goal to 125 connections within two weeks; then repeat. Remember, the key to setting goals is to make them realistic. It’s still important to maintain proper LinkedIn etiquette and refrain from spamming people you don’t know. Quality matters more than quantity.

Engage with Your Connections’ Updates

Review your wall regularly and share, comment on, and like other people’s updates and long-form posts. Start relationships with new connections by commenting on their updates. Build an audience by joining the conversation on popular posts in your niche. This interaction lets people know you exist and gives you more visibility. Some of these people are likely to want to know more about you, leading to increase in LinkedIn connections.

Publish Articles

It’s common practice to share blog articles written by others that you feel will resonate with your audience by posting an update on LinkedIn and sharing the URL. Even better is when those insights and ideas are your own. Publishing articles as native content on your LinkedIn profile (also known as long-form posts) is one of the best ways to establish your personal brand and share your expertise in a given industry.

 Add Keywords to Your Profile

To make it easy for people to find you, add keywords to your LinkedIn profile. The three main areas to focus on are your headline and Summary and Experience sections. All of these sections are searchable. Adding keywords will lead to more views and make you more searchable, increasing the potential for new connections. When filling out these sections, tell stories and be creative, use every character allowed and work in relevant keywords that people will search for. For example, if you run your own business, you might be called president or CEO, but how many people will actually search for those terms? Instead, use keywords that describe what you do, as in the headline below.

Join and Participate in Groups

Commit to searching for a few new LinkedIn groups to join each month. And then make sure you engage with each group often (daily if you can) by commenting, asking questions, and liking other people’s comments. A group is a great opportunity to do market research, post links to your updates to get more views, and engage with others in your niche, as well as those who aren’t. When people see you in groups and interact with you over time, they’ll be more likely to connect. You might even find a new client or business partner through a group.

Getting to a good number of LinkedIn connections won’t happen overnight, and even if you achieve that, don’t stop there. LinkedIn is the easiest and most powerful networking tool of our time, putting you one click away from meeting anyone; all without leaving your couch.

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