Like traditional marketing, digital marketing focuses on promoting and selling a product or service. Digital marketing focuses on how to reach potential customers where they spend their time online. That includes anything from social media marketing to paid ads to search engine optimization (SEO), among other techniques. The following elements make the core of a digital marketing career.

Core Elements of Digital Marketing

Let us first look at the core elements of digital marketing, any one of which can be chosen for your career in digital marketing. It is best to have an overall understanding of the digital marketing ecosystem while specializing in a couple of the following areas.


On the most basic level, digital marketers need to understand how to ‘attract, engage, and delight’ consumers to carry them from the “I don’t know anything about this brand or product” stage to “I’m all in.” This process includes using techniques to better understand your customer and strategies for optimizing the sales process via email marketing, retargeting, etc.

Data Analytics

Digital marketers need numbers to understand whether their various campaigns are working. But more importantly, they need the skills to interpret those numbers in order to adjust their strategies and launch new campaigns. And, most importantly, they need to be able to explain that data to other members of their team who may not fully understand the purpose of digital marketing.

Content Marketing

Creating content to generate awareness and influence buyers without explicitly promoting your brand is called content marketing. Content can include articles, videos, blogs, whitepapers, and reviews. Content marketers and content strategists specialize in using compelling storytelling to reach new audiences. They do that through blog posts, email campaigns, guides and ebooks, and even other types of media like video and podcasts.

Social Media Marketing

SEM uses the power of social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or Instagram to connect with the target audience. It helps build your brand image, increase sales, create positive opinions, and drive website traffic. Social media marketing involves strategically using a brand’s social channels to promote and sell its products. Those strategies might include anything from product promotion to channel-specific giveaways to paid ads (you’ve probably seen those on Facebook and even in your Instagram stories).

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Brands rely on traffic from search engines like Google, Bing to increase brand awareness and drive new leads. SEO is the process by which brands finesse the content they write to make it as appealing to Google as possible. The better the content, the better the search result for the most part. The process of increasing the quantity and quality of visitors to your website organically is known as SEO. It is primarily organic, meaning you don’t pay any money, and is based on improving several metrics that are used to rank your website.

Paid Ads

It is the process of increasing the visibility of your website using paid advertising. The most popular form of paid advertising continues to be Google AdWords. It is also called pay-per-click or PPC marketing. Paid ads include social media ads (like the sponsored posts you see in your Instagram feed) but also display ads (like the ones you see at the top of search results in Google).

General Tech Skills

It also helps digital marketers to acquire some tech skills as well, especially since many digital marketing campaigns require working with a web development team. Some great supplemental skills to consider HTML & CSS, basic design principles and UX/UI, and photo-editing basics.

Once you are knowledgeable in digital marketing, you need to upgrade your resume. To get even more proficient, start your blog, writing about various topics under the digital marketing umbrella. Not only will this help you gain confidence, but it will also serve as your personal digital marketing job agent. By proving your expertise, sharing your knowledge, and networking, you will pave the way to your dream job in digital marketing.

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