One of the biggest dilemmas freshers face is, choosing between pursuing a passion or focusing on a steady career. They have to choose between what they love (i.e., their passion) and what pays more (i.e., job)?  For some freshers, their passion has the potential to be hugely profitable; let’s say their passion is coding. Therefore, the chances of landing a high-paying job that aligns with their passion are quite high. On the other hand, many freshers aren’t able to turn their passions, such as teaching, music, or acting into well-paid sources of income. Many freshers find it difficult to answer this question because following passion doesn’t always bring a feeling of self-realization.

Choosing Passion over Job

Finding your passion is important, and someone passionate about their professional work is happier and more satisfied than someone who’s stuck doing a job they hate. Many people are stuck with careers that provide job security. They have to complete 8-9 hours of work a day, 5 days a week, Monday through Friday, stressing themselves with deadlines and timelines. The only reason many people are doing these 9 to 6 jobs is that they’re being paid well.

Choosing Job over Passion

When you’re passionate about the work you’re doing, you don’t have to work a day in your life because you’re truly enjoying it. Finding and turning your passion into a career only motivates you to do better. But we need to define ‘what is passion?’ Because we get confused in between our likes and passion. Passion is something which remains constant throughout different phases of our life. On the other hand, likes, dislikes, and interests change over the different phases of our life. In school, we might be playing a sport because we are getting fame being a sportsperson. But after leaving school you may not be playing or following that sport. So, defining passion is really crucial.

Turning passion into a profession may not possible for every one of us. Even if you managed to turn your passion into a profession, there are some chances that this profession may not give you financial security. Because of responsibilities that may outweigh your absolute freedom to choose something else, not everyone has the luxury of going after their dreams. Plus, it’s unfair to yourself to try to keep one passion strong for the rest of your life and to make a career out of that. Your likes, dislikes, and interests are bound to change, so you should change too!

Can we do both?

Both of the options have some advantages and disadvantages, and sometimes deciding between the two can seem like a mission impossible. it’s not that simple, there are many things to take into consideration when making such a big decision. You have to look at all sides carefully and then decide how and what you should be doing and do it. When making this decision, you should look into all the aspects: from money and stability to happiness and fulfillment. But, most importantly, remember to listen to the logic and your heart simultaneously, because they generally come up with the best decision together.

Best luck for your career decision!

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