Landing a job is not that easy, especially in today’s challenging and competitive business environment. Many applicants may not be able to find a job even after months of searching. Often, all you need to do is re-evaluate your job-hunting strategies to boost your chances of getting hired. Below is a list of things you can do to increase your chances of getting a job.

Don’t look for a perfect job

If you ask career experts, they’ll tell you that there’s nothing like a perfect job. You may not always be able to get all you want from a job in a single package, particularly when the going is really tough. Therefore, the first thing that you need to keep in mind while trying to get a new job is ‘let go of perfectionism’. You’ll always have time to find better opportunities when you’ve got a job already.

Write your resume creatively

When hundreds of people are applying for the same job, HR personnel can spend as little as ten seconds looking at your resume. Therefore, it’s very important that yours look impressive and stands out from the rest. You can definitely give yourself a competitive advantage by being creative with your resume.

Don’t forget a cover letter

The cover letter is a representation of your personality and recruiters can use it to determine if you are qualified for the job. The way you write the cover letter can spell the difference between success and failure. So, make sure that yours clearly communicates your qualification and passion for the job.

Focus on strengths and accomplishments

Many applicants make the mistake of creating resumes that look like a job description. Spice up your resume by emphasizing your strengths and accomplishments. Increase your chances of being hired by showing in detail what you’ve accomplished while working on your previous job. In so doing, you can make your resume stand out and give the HR manager a sense of what you can bring to the job they’re trying to fill.

Research about the company

To convince a company that you’re a perfect fit for them, you should take it upon yourself to do your due diligence. Most companies have a website where applicants can learn more about their line of business. Read the company profile and find out what they’re looking for in a potential employee.

Apply for maximum jobs

Most applicants assume that they can only apply for one job at a particular company. That is not the case. If you feel that you’re qualified for various jobs that are available, it’s okay to apply for more than one job. In fact, we would suggest to apply to jobs as much as possible which are relevant to your profile. It can improve one’s chance of getting hired.

Follow up

Once you receive feedback from a company about your application, you can follow up from time to time. Due to a large number of applicants, some resumes might have been overlooked or misplaced. Reminding them of yourself at spaced out occasions is okay. If you’ve already been interviewed but unable to get the job for any reason, you can follow up by thanking them and telling them to keep you in mind should anything change.

Create LinkedIn profile

Having a LinkedIn profile can give you an edge over the competition. Many recruiters look at LinkedIn profiles when there are available jobs in their company. If you do not have a LinkedIn account, you may be losing out on employment opportunities. So sign up now for LinkedIn and make sure your profile is complete and includes all the necessary details such as education, qualifications, and work experience. That information can be used by recruiters to determine whether or not you’re a good fit for them.

Search your “network”

Equally as important as having a LinkedIn profile, having a network of contacts can improve your chances of getting a job. Friends, relatives, alumni associations, and most importantly, someone who’s already working at the company you’re targeting can all provide leads on job openings. Even with the advent of online resources and social media, nothing can replace the tried and tested “recommendation” coming from someone who is close to you.

Don’t let rejections discourage you

Getting rejected is just a part of the game. And it’s so easy to get frustrated when you see no results from your job search. Not every employer will want to hire you. Hiring managers will offer you a job only when they are fully convinced of your potential and how you can help their company with your skills. Even if you are rejected in your first few attempts, you need to continue with your job search. If it’s really taking longer than what you expected, you need to review your strategy and modify the action plan.

Boost your search efforts The job market is very competitive. If you do not want to be left behind, you need to have an action plan to increase your chances of landing a job. Think of ways how you can impress your ideal employer and grab every opportunity to show them you are the person they need.

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