Identify Target Companies

If you’re looking for a job, creating a list of companies you’re aiming for is a great place to start. Identify target companies where you would like to be employed. If you have a target list of companies, you can go online to discover information about the employer, review open positions, and find connections to help you apply for employment and get a job offer.

Identify Target Companies Info

Research Companies

Understand Company’s Culture

According to CareerBuilder survey, 44% of job applicants say they want a good work culture over salary when applying for job. Furthermore, according to a SHRM study, 20% of employees said a toxic work culture forced them to leave a job. Company culture is the personality of the company. You can think of company culture as meaning ‘how things get done’. Company culture includes a variety of elements, including work environment, company mission, leadership style, values, ethics, expectations, and goals.

Company culture is important because employees are more likely to enjoy work when their needs and values are consistent with their employers. If you work somewhere where the culture is a good fit, you’ll tend to develop better relationships with coworkers and be more productive. There is no right or wrong culture, just a culture right for you. Make sure you take time to research company culture before accepting a job offer.

Look for Companies that Share Your Values

Other than pay and benefits, 43% of candidates say they are attracted to a new job because of meaningful work. By researching a company’s core mission, you can ensure your interests and passion resonate with the company’s values and goals. Let’s take an example of one of the best companies in the sports ‘Adidas’.

Mission: To be the best sports company in the world.

Purpose: Through sport, we have the power to change lives. We come to work to create and sell the best sports and fitness products in the world.

Learn about Company’s Business Operations

How does the company make money? Who buys their products or services and are they highly rated? Is the company a start-up, or if it’s been in business for a while, how has it grown over time? What industry is this company in? The answers to these questions will give you an idea of how stable this business is, what some of their immediate concerns might be, and how you could play a part in their success.

Finding Target Companies

Company Website

You might be having a few companies in your mind. Identifing those target companies and finding more information about them would be a good point to start. On the company website you will find all information starting with the basics of your target company’s history, founders, location, markets served, current employees, and so on. Specifically, You can check its ‘Blogs’ webpage also to know what the company is sharing recently. ‘Career’ webpage will share current job openings along with what would be a normal workday would look like. If you want you can register your email id so that you will be posted with the latest news and job openings.


LinkedIn is a great resource to get started. Just type in the name of your city (or zip code) and a few keywords for the type of company you’re seeking. From there, you can dig into the company profiles to learn more about them and their culture. You can study the information on that page before deciding whether to follow the company. Click the Follow button to keep track of that company. This means you will see all the company updates including job openings.


Glassdoor is a website where current and former employees anonymously review companies. You’ll find company reviews, ratings, salaries, CEO approval ratings, competitors, content providers, and more company information. You can search for ratings and reviews of over 600,000 companies worldwide. Glassdoor would be helpful to identify target companies as they will share the experience of people who’ve actually worked in those companies.

Google Search

Don’t overlook the value of google search. With the right keywords, you can find lists of companies that share the same ideals as you, such as a focus on innovation, work-life balance, or customer service.

Friends and Family

Talk to your friends and family and see what exciting companies they know about. Talk to the different people you come into contact with on a regular basis or your social network. These people are all a part of your community and they may have the useful insight to share.


If you’re unsure of what type of company is best for you, consider where your seniors have found their first job opportunity. Run a search on LinkedIn to see where those you’ve previously worked with found employment. Check with your college placement office or alumni office and inquire if there is a database of alumni you can get in touch with.

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Be selective in job application

Identify Target Companies

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