There are thousands of jobs posted on different job portals like Naukri, indeed every day. Not all jobs posted on these portals are genuine, some job postings might be fake. Scammers who post such fake job postings might steal your personal information, bank details or may directly ask for money. How to identify such fake job postings? Let’s take a look at few common signs:

The job description is general

You read the job description to understand what the job involves, but the job description is so general that you can’t tell what you’d be doing. Or maybe it uses a common job title like ‘software developer but there’s no info about technology or list of daily activities. Or there are no exact experience or qualifications listed. Scammers will make job description so simple that most of the job seekers would be eligible for that job. For example, ‘no experience needed’, ‘we will train you’, ‘work only for 1-2 hours’.

The salary offered is really good

To get more response Scammers will mention a really good salary like ‘work for 2-3 hours a day and earn up to 50 thousand per month’. If you see such kind of job opening avoid it immediately, no one earns money that easily.

There is no company email address

Job postings will have email ids like, and not company email ids like or, etc. Another example, the scammer’s email address where the real company email is

The company has no online presence

When you are trying to google more information about company or recruiter nothing comes up. There is no link provided about company website or social media pages. Genuine job openings always share company website link.

Got an interview via chat or text

You should be cautious if your first interview scheduled on text message or email. You might text or email saying ‘your resume is shortlisted and come directly for an interview’, avoid such job openings.

They will ask for money

If a job posting requires you to pay a fee in order to submit a resume or get an interview, it is likely a scam. A genuine company will not require you to pay for your own training. A general rule of thumb: never give your money away to total strangers you meet on the internet.

They will ask for personal information

Never disclose your birth date, PAN number or Aadhar number until you’ve received a job offer (or at least have had an in-person interview). These details may be required by a potential employer in order to conduct a background check, but they will not do so until they’re ready to hire. Scammers, on the other hand, want immediate access to this information so they can try to steal your identity.

Google is your best friend. If a company is listed in the job posting, Google it. If the name of a hiring manager is given in the job posting, Google it. If an email address has been provided, Google it. If a phone number is provided, Google it. When you identify fake job postings, the best way is to report them as a scam and aware others. Best of luck!

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