As you know, GD or Group Discussion round is one of the eliminations rounds in the entire recruitment process for freshers. In reality, it is not as tough as it seems. It is nothing but a tool used by companies to gauge a candidate’s ability to communicate effectively. Follow these tricks to get more marks in your group discussions round.

Aware of Your Body Language

The first impression is often the last. Make sure you make a good one. While in a Group Discussion, follow the basics of sitting up straight, look everyone in the eye while making your point and listen attentively to others while they speak. Don’t be too animated (waving your arms frantically or making gestures that are loud). Look at them while they speak and show that you’re interested in what they have to contribute, even if you have to pretend.

Try to Initiate the GD

If possible, try to initiate a GD, it helps you score more. But avoid speaking too many people at a time. This is not a myth. It does give you an edge over the other candidates and lets you take the discussion in the direction you want at its commencement.

Be Courteous with Other Participants

Remember that one of the key traits GD recruiters look for is team spirit. Make sure you’re courteous to others in the group. Make your point but avoid cutting in when others are talking. Additionally, do not use negative terms like “I disagree” or “That’s incorrect”. Try to say “Adding another perspective to what you just contributed” or “Looking at it from another angle” while sharing your point of view.

Listen More, Speak at the Right Time

Listening to the conversation is one way to add value to your knowledge. It also helps you to know the direction in which the discussion is headed. You can save the best words for the right time and bang, the ball’s in your court!

Be Open-Minded

Everyone has their own set of beliefs and values. During a GD, perceptions of two people may not match. Simply accepting the views would help in avoiding a street brawl.

Do Not Interrupt

Don’t interrupt a person presenting his views during a Group Discussion. Do not talk out of turn and make ample use of the opportunity you get. Scream and yell at your own peril.

Give Supporting Statistics/ Examples

Using famous quotes or examples to back up your points in a group discussion will prompt panellists to keep note of your cognizance. Also, the use of statistical data to corroborate your viewpoint fetches further brownie points.

Keeping It on the Track

Most GDs follow an irrelevant path when the topics are not understood, especially, when it is abstract. This gives you the opportunity to get it back on the track, fetching you extra points.

Stay Updated

Research online regularly to access a vast, company-specific database of authentic interview experiences shared by real interviewees. Read interview and group discussion tips submitted by genuine people who have undergone similar experiences before. Watch videos of GD recordings too. Such materials will help you ace your GD selection process.

Practice Mock GD

Participating in mock Group Discussions before actual GD will help you judge yourself. Try to be a part of mock Group Discussions to open your thought process to diverse topics and make a mental note of your strengths and shortcomings.

Follow GD Rules

Follow some basic GD rules: Come prepared; Note down the names of all the participants; Maintain a firm posture; Take charge of the discussion; Retain your standing and balance, and Do not get emotional. Group discussion is a tool to test your teamwork skills, listening skills, discussion ability, subject knowledge, and communication. Intrinsic skills like reasoning, speaking and time management come in very handy. Skills that you can work upon include presentation, summarizing, and people speaking.

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