One of the major elements that influence your decision is nothing but, the job description. Job description is defined as a written statement explaining an open position. A good job description will overview about the duties to be performed by the employee, its purpose, and the scope of the work to be completed. Depending upon the company some provides a longer and in-depth detailed job descriptions while some keep it short. Irrespective of what their size is, it is vital for every candidate to go through the job descriptions, analyze it carefully before applying for the job. Let’s understand basics on how to analyze any job description:

Evaluate Yourself

The first and foremost point to remember is that, you must be thorough with your own experience and skills before jumping on job description. This is certainly because unless and until you are unaware of your skills, abilities, talents, and experiences, you cannot decide if the given job description matches your set of skills and capabilities or not. So, start evaluating yourself before everything else.

Educational Qualifications

The next move in the job description would be to identify the required level of qualification or education. They might state, HSC, SSC, undergraduate in any discipline or masters in one particular field. So, you have to carefully look whether you are qualified enough or not to meet the requirements that are demanded by the post in that organization.

Skill Set

Sometimes the skills needed for the job or post are stated in paragraph format and are likely to be overlooked by us. You are ought to read each and every line carefully and highlight the key words, like quick decision making, ability to lead etc. Write these key words on another paper or somewhere in the corner for your convenience and try to analyze whether you fit in the requirements appropriately or not.

Required Experience

Pay attention to language in required experience section. If they say “minimum 4 years of job experience” this means they are strict. And if they say “minimum 4 years desired work experience” then here you can figure out that employer is little flexible about required work experience. Here even if you are having 2 years of experience, you can give it a try.

Day-to-Day Job Responsibilities

Most of the job descriptions also carry details regarding day to day activities that a person is supposed to handle daily. Evaluate those activities carefully and so to it that you are comfortable and confident enough to complete the stated activities effectively and efficiently.

Analyze job description is really crucial step as it educates about the company as well as the kind of candidate that they are looking for. You must not only read and analyze the job description but also try to read between the lines. The way a job description is written can talk a lot about the company and hence you must read each and every given word carefully before applying for the job.

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