You have just completed your graduation or post-graduation, and now you’re looking for a job opportunity with the perfect employer/ dream company. You need to find ways that will help you get noticed and ultimately get hired. You can contact the company directly with a request for work, but that doesn’t always do it. You can take other steps that will get you noticed to make your name stand out. You can also do several things to help put yourself in the best position to get hired.

Have Faith in Yourself

The first step in getting a job in your dream company is having the faith in yourself that you belong there. You cannot get hired for a job you don’t apply for. Be confident and reach for the job you want. You need to know that you have the education, the skills, and the ability to do the job, and you need to believe it firmly enough that it shows to the hiring manager.

Have Right Skills and Qualifications

You can research about the company, through its company’s website or through professional networking sites like LinkedIn. Companies that register with LinkedIn will have a “Company Page” that highlights the skills and qualifications of their employees. Research the company you want and look at the qualifications they report for their current employees. Read the job descriptions of current open positions carefully. Then do what you can to make yourself match their ideal employee.

Identify Decision Maker

Before you reach out to the company, you should find out who has the authority to hire you. This may be someone in the human resources department, but it may really be someone who works in the department where you want to end up. If you can impress the person who would be your direct supervisor, chances are good that human resources will follow along. You can contact them through LinkedIn or send them an email.

Write Email

Write a direct and concise email stating your desire to work with the company and your knowledge about the company. Keep the letter very clear and direct. Keep in mind that the person reading it is busy, and you want to impress them but not waste their time. Provide information that shows your interest in the company and your knowledge of their work.

Hiring Strategy

Research the company’s hiring practices, either on its own website or through job employments sites online. Track the job openings that they list and make note of recent changes in the job description. Even if you see postings for specific jobs that may not interest you, you should watch the hiring trends of the company. This will give you information about the company’s hiring practices which can make you a more stand-out applicant.

Research about Company’s Clients

Whether your dream employer is in manufacturing, sales provide professional services, or do something else, you should understand its client base. Know who uses this company’s services or products. If you discuss your understanding of their clients in an interview, your prospective employer is going to take note of your knowledge and initiative.

Be Patient

Follow up after your initial contact. You need to find the line between persistent, which makes you look good, and “pushy,” which makes you look annoying. Usually, let a week or so go by, and follow up with a second message or perhaps a telephone call.

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