‘Get a Job’ Workshop

"Indian universities produce millions of graduates every year, but only about 20% of them are absorbed into various industries. An unemployable workforce is at the core of India’s employment crisis."

Share of Unemployment in India 2019 by Educational Qualification (in %)
  • Graduates
  • Post Graduate or above
  • 10th/ Certificate
  • Diploma
  • Education below Diploma
Unemployment Rate in India from January to September 2020 (in %)
  • 2020

Areas Covered in Workshop

We will provide the knowledge and confidence you need to successfully find, and secure, a job. This workshop is nothing but a practical approach on avoiding mistakes while searching for a job. To give personalized attention, we take a limited number of students per batch. Training batches are conducted only on Sundays. For a limited time period, we are offering ₹ 999/- per seat. To enroll in the workshop send your resume to info@lazyhr.com


Resume Making


Having a quality resume is key to catching an employer’s attention. We will personally evaluate your resumes. Our staff of resume-writing experts give immediate feedback on a resume and provide solutions to areas that may need improvement. Our resume experts also offer general tips and advice on what employers want to see in a resume.

Selecting the Industry


Getting a job is not difficult once you decide what do you want. While deciding on target industries, the most important question you should ask is – what do you want from the job? Is it money? Or you have completed your engineering and now you have to find jobs in engineering? Based upon your likes, dislikes, and passion we can recommend good companies and most importantly how to connect with them.

Build and Grow Network


Between 70% – 85% of job searchers have reported that networking was one of the most important elements to helping them land a job. However, many people dread the concept of networking for their job search for fear of asking for something or appearing needy. If you can relate to some of these feelings, in this workshop we will help you reframe the concept of networking where you feel confident and empowered to connect.

Interview Coaching


Our workshop includes interview coaching in which our seasoned HR professional sits down with job hopefuls in a one-on-one mock interview. The mock interview plays out like a typical job interview, and afterward, our evaluator gives professional feedback on how to best showcase your skills and personality. Our mock interviews take the stress out of the interview process and give participants the confidence they need.