Finding information about companies should not be just a one-time thing. You need to keep on updating your database from time to time. For instance, the company that today has a turnover of a million dollars might grow multi-fold within a couple of years.

Company Website

Almost all the companies upload the press releases, advisories, reports (audits, annual reports, etc.), financial documents along with some other publications on the website.

Directories and Yellow Pages

Through the filter options available on the website, you can search the companies based on pin code since most of the companies are nowadays linked with Google Maps! Through the directories, you can find company information like their email address, contact details, address, etc.

Business Journals/Magazines/Newspapers

Sometimes, it’s complicated to find local companies’ information on the web. So, the journals, magazines will help you get that information. You can also search for full-text databases for articles from multiple sources. So, this is also one of the conventional methods of finding company information.

Google News

If you want to get the necessary information about a company and some latest news about it, Google News is the best place. Sometimes even the relevant communication or knowledge can help you to get exact information.


It does provide members with the capability to search for companies based on various criteria, including company size, employment opportunities, location, the industry as well as where it fits in the Fortune 500. Through that extensive database, you can find company information, send them emails, contact them, collaborate, etc. However, it doesn’t provide user-based company reviews. It also mentions the connections involved with the company.


The best process to know about the hidden details of a company is through employee reviews! For finding information about companies, you can talk to the people working there since you can’t go on searching for individuals and talking to them personally! To ease out this process, we have Glassdoor for you to find company information! The best thing about the platform is that you can contact those people who are currently working there or have worked before so that you can decide whether the company would be the best place for you!

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