On Glassdoor.com, job searchers can find a lot of valuable information. You can find company information using glassdoor like company reviews by former and current employees, ratings, company location wise information, salaries, CEO approval ratings, competitors, content providers, and other company details. All of this information is helpful throughout the various stages of a job search. The more information you have, and the more you research a company, the better equipped you’ll be to write the perfect cover letter and clear the job interview. You can find the following job search-related company information on Glassdoor:

Company Culture

Search for the company in the Company Reviews tab and head to their main page to see a snapshot of the company — what their “about us” is, any updates they’ve posted, and percentages regarding CEO approval, overall rating, and if reviewers would recommend the company to a friend. Don’t forget to check out the box on the far right for photos. These can give you great insight into what offices look like and how the company celebrates success. Photos can come from employees and employers alike.

Company Reviews

Glassdoor keeps strict guidelines for all the content on its site in order to ensure authenticity and accuracy. Some of the steps they take are to share community guidelines, limit users to one review per employer per year, and moderate the site with human and automated moderators to protect against abuse. Also, companies can’t pay to alter or edit reviews. So, read away to learn about what it’s like to work there, but keep in mind the date of the review you’re reading and the department/role of the reviewer because company culture and management personnel can drastically change from year to year, and the department to department, especially in larger companies.

Salaries and Benefits

Companies insert benefits information on their company pages and employees provide insights on how they compare and vote for the benefits they received. Glassdoor also offers a ‘Know Your Worth’ section in which you can check out the rate they think you should be making.

Glassdoor.com allows you to browse real-time company reviews and ratings, as well as salary details for specific jobs with specific employers. Anyone can see basic information on companies, such as their size, mission, revenue, etc. However, to browse the reviews and salaries in the Glassdoor community (and get involved in discussions) members are required to register. Once registered, you can sort your search by job type, title, companies, salaries, interviews, keywords, experience, and location—then upload a resume to apply.

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