According to a new survey conducted by a leading job portal, about 62 percent of employees said working remotely makes them happier. About 56 percent of employees said they are more productive when working remotely and 61 percent said they can get more done in an eight-hour workday when remote. However, only five percent of managers surveyed believe remote workers are more productive, and 70 percent said employees in the office are more trustworthy.

The study showed that nearly three-quarters of employees said the pandemic made them want to work more remotely in the future, with 83 percent of employees saying that they are more likely to stay at their company if they are allowed to work flexibly.

About 60 percent of respondents said they were even willing to accept less pay in a trade for flexibility. Research also found that employees are more loyal to companies that offer them increased flexibility. The research suggests that companies need to invest in establishing flexible work policies and programs, and address a sizeable disconnect in trust between decision-makers and employees.

Some other Key Finding of the Survey

  • Employees able to work from home are happier than those who have continued to show up at the office
  • WFH employees reported having a better work-life balance, focus, and less stress
  • WFH employees will also work longer hours; they reported working over 40 hours per week
  • Those who can do their job from home have above-average rates of job satisfaction
  • Companies that give employees more flexibility were more likely to retain them
  • Major tech employers including Facebook and Twitter are among those moving to permanent remote work

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