Employee Safety Survey

  1. Every employee has the right to work in a safe and healthy environment. No employees or their families should have to suffer because of avoidable dangers in the workplace.
  2. By creating a safe and healthy workplace, companies also protect themselves. Employee safety should hold tremendous importance for every company.
  3. An unsafe environment will probably make workers feel unappreciated.
  4. A company could run into serious financial trouble if an employee sues because of workplace hazards or a resulting injury.
  5. Fixing workplace hazards will help to keep employees working at their best through each workday, instead of taking time off to heal from an injury or illness.
  6. The company’s customers, competitors and the general public will probably perceive the company as unprofessional if they learn of the company’s safety oversights.
  7. To measure how employees are perceiving safety initiative, employer can conduct employee safety survey. Sample employee safety survey is provided for reference.

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