The aim of an internship program is to expose you to the realities of your chosen industry and organization and help you outline your career goals. An internship not only prepares you for the professional world but it’s a great opportunity to convert an internship into an actual job opportunity. Many employers who offer internships so that they can try and test and recruit new full-time employees.

Internships let a company decide how this potential employee will fit within the overall culture of the organization. Many employers use their internship programs as a proving ground for the hiring process and are able to save money in their recruitment efforts by trying out potential new employees prior to extending an actual job offer. If you are interested in turning an Internship into a full-time job after graduation, you can use some specific techniques to increase your chances of getting hired.

Choose Right Internship

Find the right industry and company that will provide you with the work experience you need to meet your career goals ahead. This is important because if you feel aligned with the organization’s nature of work and if it is something that interests you, you will find the right motivation to work and make a good impression at the end of the internship. Research sectors, companies, and meet people to understand what you want to do in your career ahead.

Understand Your Role

The internship is a learning experience for you and your supervisor/mentor will appreciate your keenness towards reaching the best result. Routinely discuss the progress of your work with your project manager and don’t hesitate to ask for help when needed. Your hard will also be showcased in form of a presentation to your team and department and could be attended by other senior members of the company too. Make sure your work reflects you in the best light and leaves a favorable impression on decision-makers.

Complete Assignments on Time

If you foresee a challenge with a deadline on a project you are working on, make sure you notify your supervisor and ask for any input he/she might provide or ask for an extension to get the project completed. Be sure that you offer a valid reason for the project delay such as other unforeseen problems or other work priorities that needed to be addressed prior to getting the specific project completed on time.

Develop a Strong Relationship with Your Supervisor

Once you have identified your job responsibilities and you understand your supervisor’s expectations, work hard to demonstrate your personal initiative and your ability to work both independently and as part of a team. Developing ​professional connections as an intern will give you a head start in developing a professional network.

Follow Company Rules

Becoming part of the corporate culture includes learning the established dress code of the corporation. It also means learning time allotted and what’s expected for established lunch periods and breaks. Take your time to learn the rules and guidelines expected by the organization before jumping in and making any serious mistakes. Also, check out company policy on personal emails, phone calls, and internet use to avoid any awkward and embarrassing situations.

Express Your Interest in Working for the Company

To convert an internship into a job opportunity you have to express your interest. By expressing an interest in the company, you are letting the company know that you consider the organization a place that you would like to work. Even though there may not be any current positions available, by letting your supervisor know that you would be interested in working for the company, you will be more likely to be contacted once a position opens up.

Once you complete your internship, a short thank-you is always appreciated and will leave a favorable impression with the employer. Stay in touch with your supervisor and colleagues and take the time to inquire about potential job openings they anticipate in the future.

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