Demand for freelancers has increased in India over the last one year as Covid-19 disrupts and changes job profiles. While the freelancing market is well developed and accepted in the Europe and America, the pandemic has increased its scope in India also. analysed the freelance job market in India between January 2019 and 2021 revealing that there is a 22% jump in hiring in January 2021 compared to January 2019.

As the pandemic disrupted the job market compelling organisations to restructure their workforce, data on Indeed shows that postings for freelance jobs spiked two times between May and June 2020, compared to the same period in 2019. With the implementation of work-from-home structures, job search activity post March 2020 was consistently higher than pre-pandemic levels, peaking in April 2020. However, at any point in time, freelance job postings have outstripped freelance job searches, the findings suggest.

Digital roles like cybersecurity and cloud technologies across industries also command a good traction. Even services companies, like HR firms are increasingly taking their services for recruiting and staffing, while freelancers are in demand for finance, sales and marketing roles as well. The top five paying freelance jobs according to Indeed are Php developer, recruiter, business development executive, content writer and digital marketer.

Companies are now more willing to add freelancing as a part of their workforce strategy. With a number of jobs lost since the beginning of the pandemic, an increasing number of talented and specialized people have been willing to work on a freelance basis, which increased their supply in the market. Also, organizations staring at an uncertain business scenario not knowing how the pandemic would unfold were looking to keep their cost structures flexible and having a certain portion of human resource on a freelance basis fit in well.

Freelancers give organizations a lot of flexibility as well as access to expertise. This flexibility comes in terms of the number of hours that they work, period of time, and engagement, while not compromising the expertise. Changes in the external job environment and the added flexibility of work-from-home, have significantly improved the attitude of the employer and job seeker towards freelance jobs.

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