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Starting Successful Digital Marketing Career

Like traditional marketing, digital marketing focuses on promoting and selling a product or service. Digital marketing focuses on how to reach potential customers where they spend their time online. That includes anything from social media marketing to paid ads to search engine optimization (SEO), among other techniques. The following elements

Preparing for Campus Placements

Preparing for Campus Placements

Getting a job offer in a campus placement drive is one of the biggest concerns of students in their final year of college. Unless you study at a top institute, opportunities will be fewer than the number of students. While preparing for campus placements, it is important to know what

Complete Job-Hunting Guide

Complete Job-Hunting Guide

Searching for a new job is hard work. Use these tips to help you succeed in a competitive market and get the job you want. Job hunting involves more than searching for open positions and sending your resume to employers. You also need to make sure you’re a good fit

Preparing for BPO Interview

Preparing for BPO Interview

Preparing for BPO Interview Freshers these days consider BPO to be a good priority sector to work in because it’s a major job provider in India. As a fresher, preparing for your BPO Interview can seem challenging.  Since effective communication is a highly-valued skill in the BPO sector, any interviewer

Importance of Internship

Importance of Internship

Just having a good degree is no longer enough to secure that all-important graduate job offers in today’s world. Relevant work experience is now just as valuable as your degree and exam results when it comes to building a successful career. As a result, the importance of internship is highlighted

Internship into Job Opportunity

The aim of an internship program is to expose you to the realities of your chosen industry and organization and help you outline your career goals. An internship not only prepares you for the professional world but it’s a great opportunity to convert an internship into an actual job opportunity.

Choosing Right Internship

Choosing a Right Internship

There’s no such thing as the perfect internship. For choosing the right internship look for the one which aligns with your career goals, and then tap your own initiative to turn that internship into an experience that will grab the attention of future employers. Choosing Right Internship Key Skills Almost

Why You Should Organize Job Search?

The search for a job is usually a long and time-consuming process. As your search goes on and the information you need to keep track of piles up, organization becomes important. When you are unorganized, you lose important information and ultimately chances of losing great job opportunity. Receive Insights If

Tools to Organize Job Search

Tools to Organize Job Search

It’s quite common to submit applications for many positions. That involves lots of time, and lots to keep track of. You don’t want to waste those precious hours by missing important application deadlines, garbling companies and positions, confusing interview times, or forgetting to follow up. Job Application Excel Sheet Creating

How to Organize Job Search?

Organize Job Search blog

When you are looking for a job, it’s not uncommon to be applying for multiple opportunities at once. This is especially true for freshers who are just starting their careers. But multiple applications mean different versions of resumes and cover letters and many, many different deadlines to keep track of.

Recruiters Not Responding

You might have received an experience of recruiters not responding to you after your interview? Have you sent them polite emails and a couple of phone calls, but they’re still not getting back to you? This can be very frustrating and annoying. And if it happens a lot to you,

Follow-up Phone Call

Following up in a professional way can make you stand out in a positive light by showing the employer just how interested you are in the job. If you are able to get in touch with a contact person, reaching out can help your resume get a closer look. Email

Follow-up Email Templates

Follow-up Email

If you don’t get a response to your emails, follow up one more time. Most people aren’t ignoring you on purpose. They’re genuinely busy and your email has likely slipped their mind. As long as you are gracious and polite rather than pushy, these follow-up emails are simple indications of

Staying Motivated during Job Search

It’s hard to stay motivated and positive when nothing seems to work out right. You feel that all day, every day. Dozens of resumes are emailed in response to job postings. Hours are spent completing annoying, never-ending job applications. You keep calling friends, former co-workers and others in your network,

Factors affecting Job Search

Factors affecting Job Search

The amount of time it takes to find a job can vary based on experience, demand, and luck. Some people with skills that are in high demand get jobs within a few days of looking, while others might stay unemployed for several months without getting an interview. The average amount

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