Be Selective in Job Application

Pressing apply for the first twenty jobs that you see is not going to guarantee you a job. In fact, it could do just the opposite and hinder your chances. We suggest not to apply for every job as you may be less likely to receive positive responses from all employers. Be selective in a job application. Applying for jobs that fit your professional experience may receive better response rates than ones that do not.

There’s no point in applying for jobs you don’t want or jobs you don’t have a chance of getting hired for. It’s perfectly fine to be selective – especially when there is a strong job market. The most important thing you can do in your job search is to carefully evaluate each job you’re applying for. When you find a posting you like, ask yourself if it’s a job you’re qualified for and actually want to do.

There are two mistakes when applying for jobs. One is to apply to every job in sight, and the other is to apply for multiple positions within the company. Learning the reasons these are mistakes can keep an individual from wasting time and concentrate on the jobs that the individual really wants.

Applying for the Same Job Again and Again

Hiring managers or recruiters may post job ads on multiple sites looking for the right match for a job. One mistake job applicant can make is not noticing that they are applying for the same position with the same company over and over. However, the recruiter does notice and may think that the job applicant is sending out multiple resumes without proper thought process.

Applying for Multiple Jobs in the Same Company

A job applicant who applies for multiple positions within the same company can come across as desperate and willing to take any job. Applying for jobs in this way can end up with the recruiter noting your desperation on your application file. In other words, this is a good way to never get called in for an interview. Recruiters want individuals who actually want particular jobs because they are more likely to stay in the position.

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