With the incredible boom of social media and the internet over the past few years, there has been quite a buzz surrounding online business careers. The nine-to-five job sitting in a cubicle is becoming an endangered practice, due to the incredible amount of online resources at our fingertips. From social media management to becoming an entrepreneur, there are many viable, well-paying jobs available that are doable from anywhere there is an internet connection. Although some job titles may require a formal degree, there are many jobs available to those who are simply internet savvy, quick learners, and fluent in social media.

Social Media Consultant

The primary requirement for this job is a sincere passion and total fluency in social media. Some of these venues include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Tumblr, Pinterest, and Youtube. A social media manager’s sole job involves full-time management of all social media presences, growing an online following, and expanding their client’s reach. Companies of all sizes are outsourcing and hiring social media managers to do just that.

However, it is a bit more involved than just posting daily photos or articles. These managers must do a huge amount of research on how to best optimize their company’s online presence. In order to become a social media manager, it is important to focus on social media optimization tools, such as Google Analytics and Bitly, which are geared towards evaluating and improving online traffic. Because of the drastic boom of social media, companies now have a vested interest in maintaining their online presence, which can attract a lot of attention, and therefore brand value.

Content Creator/ Developer

This is someone who inspects and oversees all content published on a client’s website or blog. Their responsibility is to manage content and its placement, ensuring that it creates an interesting aesthetic and provides information for users. Aside from managing a client’s web page, a content creator should be able to manage a team of content developers, edit and create content, and make executive decisions about what should be published on their client’s website.

This position also requires you to have a solid grasp on Google Analytics and SEO optimization as these are key to ensuring high traffic. Typically, a content manager will work with web designers, graphic designers, marketing professionals, content developers, and social media experts.

Graphic Designer

Graphic or visual designers have great market demand. Nobody can deny their dire need in most startups and multinationals. As graphic development is more of an individual job profile hence, most companies prefer to hire online graphic designers who may assist them in making creatives.

Web Developer

Web developers are in high demand due to the arduous and intricate work involved in the process of building a website. Companies will outsource a web developer because it is more economic to hire a contract developer for a specific project rather than keeping them on staff full time. Online coding programs are available where you can learn web development skills in record time compared to obtaining a formal college degree.

Search engine optimization (SEO) consultant

Most small business owners are already spread very thin handling multiple responsibilities, so there isn’t time to spend on SEO. Second, there are far more bad SEO companies out there than good ones. If you have the knowledge and skills, there are endless customers available.


If you are very passionate about a particular topic or subject, start a blog. There are several ways you can monetize it if you build a loyal audience, and the only way to accomplish this is by truly understanding the subject matter. When you combine passion and knowledge, you position yourself as an expert on the subject, attracting loyal readers. From there, you can monetize through advertisements or by selling your own products or service.

Although some of these online business careers may seem intimidating and complicated, with a little self-education and a determined, driven attitude, anyone can make the career change if they put their mind to it. Of all the essential skills necessary for online business success, comfortably navigating and understanding the internet are the two you must master. If you have the ability to create a website, develop and manage content, and understand SEO optimization and analytics, the opportunities are endless for you to find that dream business career that can be done from anywhere.

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